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Bike size

VeddyVeddy Posts: 29
edited March 2017 in MTB general
I have a 19" bike with 27.5 inch wheels and I am 5'6. My inner leg height is 29 inches to my ankle or 31 to the floor. I know my bike is too big but is it a HUGE deal? I feel comfortable riding but I can only just place both my toes on the floor when sitting down on the saddle at the lowest position. I was thinking about cutting the seatpost down so I can lower it more as there is about another 3 inches of post left before if hits the seat tube. I have about an inch of clearance when standing over the top tube. When I pedal I have a slight bend in my knee when I am at the lowest crank position so the pedalling position is fine. I'm in my teens so I'm still growing but is it a big deal that the bike is that big right now?


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