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Painful tightness across lower back / top of hips

CptKernowCptKernow Posts: 467
Sorry for yet another lower back pain thread (including one of my own!). Will try to keep it brief and get to the facts...

Have been doing a lot of indoor training recently without issue. I'm riding a new winter bike both ot the turbo and outside.

Went for a ride today and within half an hour after first (cat 4) climb my back starts hurting. Not particularly new to me, but started sooner and with less let up.

The pain is more to one side and is definitely a muscular type pain (almost cramp-like). It runs from the top of the pelvis (iliac crest??) to the spine.

I used to assume this was caused by out of the saddle climbing, but it persists even when I'm back in the saddle. In fact the only relief I get is by being out of the saddle.

When it gets to the point of being intolerable I have to stop and get off. But here's the thing - if I stretch by pulling my knee across the chest (glute med stretch?) this allows me to carry on for another half hour.

Today I thought I'd preempt it by rollering the area before going out but this didn't help at all.

At the moment I'm doing a lot of core work, stretching and rollering. Admittedly I've only stepped this up over the last few weeks but it doesn't seem to have helped.

I guess it could be a bike fit issue, but I'm feeling pretty comfy, and like I said this isn't an issue on the turbo...

Any ideas before I have to limit my cycling career to 10 mile TTs?!


  • mrwibblemrwibble Posts: 980
    Glutes not firing probable cause, Glut Med underdeveloped possibly. Try resistant band glute bridges and resistance band clams several times a day. Go see a sports massage person to release muscles and take it from there.
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