Dead left foot.

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On rides over an hour I am noticing my left foot just gets more and more numb. Right foot is absolutely grand. I have fiddled as much as I can with the cleat position and I believe my shoes to be a decent fit. I am using shmano spd-sl cleats.

The only thing I can add is that when putting power through my left foot I feel like I am driving more through the left of my foot than straight through the middle. Right on the ball of the foot of my smaller toes is where I begin to feel the tiredness first which then just gets worse and worse.

Any recommendations? Is there any recommended neutral cleat position to try out first then try adjustments from there?


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    there're umpteen things that may help, but finding which one or combination can be tricky

    footbeds, and/or wedges might help, the specialized bg footbeds can be a good starting point, they include a 'metatarsal button' which can reduce/eliminate one cause of numbness

    if you want to try the bg footbeds, they come in various degrees of support, read up on 'over pronation' and see if you do it, then choose footbeds with normal/extra support
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    Is your saddle straight?
  • Garry H wrote:
    Is your saddle straight?

    It's as straight as my kitchen floor was but I will check it again.
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    I mean left to right plane
  • Garry H wrote:
    I mean left to right plane

    Oh. Then yes in that case.
  • My left foot really is dead.

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  • Garry H
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    My left foot really is dead.
    is that a movie?
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    I have exactly the same problem. A combination of the following seems to have alleviated somewhat:
    Pedal with a greater size platform to spread the load - I use speedplay light action pedals
    A cleat wedge with the thicker bit under the ball of my foot
    Custom Insoles : One set of shoes has a heat folded set with the fitter making sure my arch was well supported and the other set has a set of these in them ... soles/8LDZ
    Expensive? Yes but considering how much I spend on bikes and cycling, being able to cycle almost pain and numb free they were a bargain.
    Good luck
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    It could be the beginning of sciatica. I have it, though pre and post ride stretches seem to work.