Sufferfest 3 week climbing plan???

Hi guys,

Got my first sportive in April and a wife who is 5 days over so only able to do Turbo sessions at the moment.

The course for the sportive is very hilly so I'm embarking on the Sufferfest 3 week climbing plan to get myself ready (hopefully) on my turbo.

Has anyone else used this plan?


  • Havent done the climbing plan but have just completed the intermediate plan and enjoyed it. Gave me the focus i needed and i have def seen improvements. Having a young family the amount of time was just about right for what i could spare. Im currently riding the Tour of Sufferlandria but after that i may look at either the climbing or speed plans for a quick top up before the spring

    Im not sure how much improvement you will be able to achieve over three weeks but it def wouldn't do any harm.

    The fact you mention your first sportive would indicate you might be quite new to cycling - maybe try the novice or intermediate plan which will work on your all round cycling ability which will help with the climbing side of things
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