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New Tyre - Help Stop Wheel Spinning



  • hsiaolchsiaolc Posts: 492
    Before I was using tubless and bigger tires I also always kept my pressure at 120 PSI on my conti gs40002 and 4 seasons.

    Many punctures and it skips and slides a lot especially in the wet and out of saddle to give power.

    Now I am on tubeless at 50 PSI with 32mm Schwalbe S One, never once I skidded or slipped and since I switched to tubeless 2 years ago I've not had any punctures with me commuting 27 miles round trip in and out of central London. Oh and not to mention to comfort!! Its unbelievable comfortable and it is actually quicker than the 23mm. I curse the ones who recommend me the 23mm and run at 120psi.

    Go tubeless and buy some Schwalbe.
  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,497
    125psi - holey cow ;)

    At 75Kg - I've run 110psi on 23mm on my TT bike - that feels skittish on the flat - tend to stick to 100psi in the summer and drop it a bit lower in the winter - haven't had a pinch flat in a long time.
    25mm (not " - that would be stupidly wide! ;) ) I drop down to 90psi - could probably go lower, but it seems comfortable enough.
    GP4seasons are pretty good allrounders - although I tend to stick to the GP4000's atm - I wouldn't claim they're the best - but they're certainly better than many.

    OYR suggests that the pressure is nothing to do with grip - I disagree - whilst the Rubinos are not the grippiest of tyre - couple that with a high pressure, the tyre cannot deform around the road surface, so as you move forwards your contact points are minimal - all you need is for that to be a slipperly surface and the wheel will slip.
    If you were riding fresh smooth tarmac then he'd be absolutely right - but West Wales & hills - it's not likely is it...
    Marginal - had you not already ordered them then I'd suggest dropping your pressures down and try again - but as you've ordered them - chuck the new tyres on (still at a lower pressure) ... but don't forget they'll need a bit of riding in
  • Thanks all. Lots of good advice.
  • ryan_w-2ryan_w-2 Posts: 1,162
    Ryan_W wrote:
    Used my race bike last Friday which has Michelin Power Competitions on it, nearly crashed at every corner!
    Can you give us a clue why?

    120psi on a full racing slick.

    The tyres are some of the fastest on the market, have a very low rolling resistance, offer naff all grip in the wet!
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