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Recording rides on a phone in places with limited connectivity

robbobkirkrobbobkirk Posts: 26
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I'm booked on a 2 week bike trip around Cuba in March. We've been told not to have GPS computers on our bikes as they might get confiscated. I use Strava and obviously want to record my rides but it's quite possible we won't have WiFi for a few days. Strangely we can use a phone with GPS on though (in back pocket)

I believe Strava will only allow one outstanding ride to be uploaded at any time. Are there any decent apps that can record more than one ride between connectivity and then later allow upload to Strava?



  • frisbeefrisbee Posts: 691
    I used to use cyclemeter to record rides.
  • Won't give you much on the fly info, but try trekbuddy. Really small, but will record tracks. ... =Main_Page

    And if you plan in advance, you can create offline maps to use whilst your there using Mobile Atlas Creator.
  • figbatfigbat Posts: 680
    Will you have mobile data coverage? If so, you could use that.

    Do any other apps hold offline workouts? For example I record my rides on the Wahoo Fitness app (because it talks nicely to my REFLKT) - then at the end of the ride I sync it with Strava. Not sure if the Wahoo app will hold more than one offline workout, but this approach (with other apps too) might be worth a look.
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  • frisbee wrote:
    I used to use cyclemeter to record rides.

    Thanks. I can see it says upload to Strava but does it save the ride on your phone so that I could have several rides waiting on the phone ready for upload later?
  • Couldn't you just carry the Garmin (or whatever device) in a pocket?
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