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DIY Shimano bleed kit

JlopJlop Posts: 3
edited February 2017 in MTB beginners
What's up gang?

Happy New Year to everyone.

Sure there are many affordable kits online ranging from $15-20, but what if we decided to build our own. Well ladies and gentlemen, that is exactly what I'm intending to do. However, I have never own a bleed kit before. Based on the visual research I've made, here a list of items I must acquire:
- Luer Lock Syringe
- Tube
- Plastic Clamp (to clamp to the caliper oil port)

My question is what size do I need.
Which syringe(50ml or 100ml) is best?
Does the tubing need to be 3mm or 4mm ID? Or which size tube will fit over the caliper port?
Is the black plastic clamp really necessary?

All other items like the funnel and oil will be purchased.
Any advised will be greatly appreciated.


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