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Taking a Bike on Flybe

enzo berzotenzo berzot Posts: 96
edited June 2017 in Tour & expedition
I'm hoping to travel from Manchester to Toulouse in July, taking my bike in a bikebag.
The Flybe site says it accepts bikes only on a standby basis and cannot guarantee transport.
Am I correct in assuming this really only applies to shorter haul flights, eg. the Scottish Islands.
Has anyone had issues taking bikes on Flybe flights in France?


  • SecteurSecteur Posts: 1,971
    If that's their policy, how comfortable are you flying with the real possibility of not having your bike - would that be a major issue? (presumably so) - in which case, go with another airline.

    All anyone here can do is speculate.
  • briantrumpetbriantrumpet Posts: 16,610
    I guess it's because of the small aircraft they run (Dash 8s etc.) and the relatively large size of a bike box. If the flights are exactly what you want, you might send the bike separately, I guess. ... rance.html
  • campagonecampagone Posts: 270
    Hi enzo,
    Forgive me for resurrecting an old thread, can I ask what you decided to do regarding the flight to Toulouse or did you get some more info about taking your bike with Flybe. I'm thinking about booking a holiday in the Pyrenees with Marmot tours in June or July but only Flybe fly direct there from Manchester and I have some apprehensions regarding their bike policy
  • SMMSMM Posts: 28

    Appreciate this is an old thread but looking for some feedback on Flybe. Has anyone had any issues getting the bike on the plane as they don't guarantee you a space?

    Flying from Manchester to Toulouse next month when the Tour is in the Pyrenees so just a bit concerned that there may be loads of other bikes on the plane and if my bike doesn't fly it's unlikely that there'll be any available to rent out there.

  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    I'm not sure any airlines guarantee that your Bike goes with you - but I've flown budget airlines lots of times without an issue.

    Get to the airport early - I've been flying out for events with lots of bikes and it's always been fine.
  • campagonecampagone Posts: 270
    Can't help I'm afraid, I didn't get any answers and ended up going with Easyjet from Bristol in the end, but I know it sucks that you can't book your bike onto Flybe planes. I think it's a daft policy which I'm sure is costing them a bit of business.

    Hope you get the answers your looking for
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