Problem with intervals when loosing weight

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Hi everyone,

So I've decided to lose 10 kilos until 2017 outdoor season. I'm 190cm. And started at 90 kilos. So 79,9 is the target.. Right now I'm at 86 kilos so the weight loss is going the right way. BUT, I have stumbled on a problem. My interval training has taken a major hit. Especially those over ftp.

Is there any good tips on how to tackle this? Right now the interval training sessions is mostly on or right below ftp. There is still a lot of winter training to be done and hopefully som watts to increase ftp with. But right now I'm worried about these watt gains to be lost because of simultaneous weight loss... :oops:


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    Not sure you're doing this right. Your weight (or lack of) should not have any impact on your ability to hit intensity targets. Can you explain in more detail what you mean about your interval training 'taking a major hit?'
  • I've lost the power to complete some 120% ftp intervals that I managed before. My gut feeling is that I don't have enough sugar stored in the body now when I'm low in calories.
  • Insufficient information to make an informed guesstimate of the issue. There are a multitude of things that may be causing you to struggle to maintain power output. It may be one or a combination of factors. Diet is but one factor.
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    Sounds to me like the weight you re loosing is not fat, but muscle. Are you crash dieting? Are you getting enough protein, carbs and fats?

    How quickly did you lose the weight? It seems you have dropped it quite quickly. At the end of the day, you have to fuel your body adequately otherwise you will begin to suffer.

    As others have said, without more info it is difficult to say
  • Are you on a low carb diet?

    I've lost a lot of weight doing low carb dieting.

    I can do Sweet Spot type intervals no problem but anything above threshold requires glycogen and is virtually impossible to sustain.

    I need to eat some carbs before an above threshold session.

    Could it be that you aren't fuelled enough for high intensity workouts?