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Brake bleed help!

jon1993jon1993 Posts: 596
edited December 2016 in MTB workshop & tech
I have some sram guide r brakes they have only had 5 rides and I decided to shorten the hose. I cut the hose replaced the barb and expansion spacer (olive) for new ones. I then went to bleed the system and accidently used reverb oil which is 2.5wt suspension oil yesterday which I tried to replace today. I am trying to push the fluid from the caliper up to the lever but it just won't push fluid through. When I pull the lever it still compresses the caliper but feels spongey.

Could anyone shed some light on why the fluid won't push through?. I took the hose back off just to check it isn't anything at the caliper end and fluid pushes through very easy.


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