New (old model) Kickr issue...

karlkras Posts: 14
So I've contacted Wahoo about this and they seem eager to help out, though it's not getting my system working...

I attempted to start using my recently purchased Kickr trainer with TrainerRoad. After the first training ride it was apparent that there was something funky with the power meter reporting. Initially I was connecting via Ant+ with my Android device. During the 1 hour session the power could be seen going from the reasonable target zone value to nothing and back on again. All other devices (tickr HRM, and wahoo cadence) seemed to be functioning properly.

After some googling around I found that there were reports that Ant+ could be interfered with so I switched to bluetooth.
From my Macbook (which trainerroad supports natively) I was able to pair all my devices and attempt to use again during another training session. This time, while the kickr power never completely cut out, the power values were all over the place. e.g., I'd be spinning in a steady 85rpm and could see the # jumping from the target of 185 to 125 (or lower) and eventually reestablishing the target value (I did my best to stay as smooth as possible to keep from spiking).

I called Wahoo who confirmed that the unit was calibrated properly and to use their Wahoo Fitness app to basically perform the same test that I did with the trainerroad software (in order to remove the 3rd party factor from the equation).

Turned off all other possible units in the surrounding area to eliminate the chance of interference (Roku box was banished!) and using their software from my Android still showed this same behavior.

On their suggestion I removed the sensor plate and lightly cleaned the optical unit and reinstalled, retried, and problem persisted.

After all of that, my question to anyone who has this unit and has read this far, what do the power numbers look like while you ride? Is it relatively smooth without +-50 watt swings? I understand that it should drop and climb per output (watts, duh), but all things considered equal, I'm assuming these watt swings shouldn't be happening. I'd ask Wahoo support this directly this moring, but their support doesn't seem to be wanting to answer their phones today.