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Michael_EngMichael_Eng Posts: 3
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Hello BikeRadar forum.

I have set out to make a commuter bike with a Mango Point R frame.
I am planning to use a Shimano Sora groupset but I am not too keen on using the classic roadbike handlebar setup because I find it is a bit cumbersome in the city. I want therefore, to use a flatbar or bullhorn style handlebar. Either way I need a pair of shifters to match. In this case they have to be 2x9 shifters.

I understand that Sora flatbar shifters are available but I am not yet convinced that they worth the 50$ or so premium to a seemingly compatible pair of Alivio shifters.

Is there any chance that a typical MTB pair of shifters are going to work with a Sora 9sp mech?
If not do you have any suggestions for my predicament? :P

I have the feeling that I have to fork over the extra cash for the Sora shifters.

Thank you.


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