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Hope BB Install issue

JaychaleJaychale Posts: 12
edited January 2017 in Workshop
Hi there, having a bit of an issue installing a new Hope ceramic BB.

Quick rundown: I built this bike in the spring, mostly for commuting. It is a Dolan preffisio frame (68mm), and was a SRAM Rival 22 groupset, with the really rather rubbish SRAM GXP BB. I always knew it was junk, from day 1, but I didn't have time to do anything about it.

I've slowly been upgrading to Red 22 (The front mec upgrade was awesome), and now I'm on to the crank, and with it the BB. So I got it all in, but noticed a fair bit of drag, it would only go a couple spins before stopping (pedals on, no chain). Also had a sound, a bit of rubbing or something. This seemed rather odd, since there is a space about 3/8" between the cup and the chain ring, which is where I thought the sound was coming from.

Took it all apart, greased everything again, and tried again, same thing. So what I found after some fiddling is that the NDS side doesn't rotate freely if it is any more than hand tight, and going by the 300 or whatever ft-lbs of torque it wants, I'm guessing something is not quite right. I am kind of suspecting that the centre tube is side loading the bearing from the inside (What is the point of that thing?)

Did a bunch of looking into the spacers that came with it, and discovered that the general consensus is that you need them, except that you don't, but maybe you actually do, but probably only on a MTB. Which is really rather confusing. Also they are definitely not 1 mm spacers, I measured them closer to two, meant to bring them to work and get a mic on them, but I forgot. So I have three of them, and based on the space mentioned above, I'm reasonably sure I could get one, or maybe all three of them in. Really hope I don't need to get the GXP converter bits out, because they would likely require tools that I lack.

Any thoughts? Try spacers? One, two, three?


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