GoldenCheetah V3.4 Released

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We are proud to announce the release of version 3.4 of GoldenCheetah.

It is available for download here:
There is a video overview of what's new here:


Over the last 12 months since the release of version 3.3 we have been focusing on adding functionality to enable users to perform more insightful analytics. This has 4 main elements; supporting more devices and data series, making the data model user extensible, providing user tools to build analytics and enabling better sharing of user content.

We still have more to do, but have pushed out version 3.4 now to get FIT 2.0 support out as quickly as possible since more devices and services are beginning to support FIT 2.0 and use its extensible data model.

* FIT 2.0 Support incl Developer Fields
* ANT+ FEC Support in Train View
* User Defined Metrics
* Extensible Data (XDATA)
* Charting with R
* Cloud Sharing of Charts
* Sync to Google Drive
* Workout Editor

* CP/W' Solver using W'bal model
* Headwind Tool
* Mark exhaustion points & HR reference lines
* Improved Swimming Support
* Improved Running Power Support
* Dutch Language Support

* FIT 2.0 incl developer fields
* ANT+ Remote Control
* BTLE Support on OSX
* Footpod Support in Train View
* Kettler Ergo Bike Support
* RowPerfect 3 File Format Support
* Open Street Maps Support
* Withings Scales Updates
* Blackburn Tech Fluid trainer Virtual Power
* Zwift ZWO Workout Files
* BSX File Support
* Fixed Computrainer TXT parser
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  • napoleond
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    Good work Mark!
    Insta: ATEnduranceCoaching
    ABCC Cycling Coach
  • Yes hats off to you Mark, great selfless work. Appreciated
  • I'll find out soon, but does it still identify the Garmin Edge 820 as a Garmin2530 (last development release does this). Not drastically important, only cosmetically.
  • philbar72
    philbar72 Posts: 2,229
    I did wonder what the 2530 was... will download tonight and update everything.
  • Opened bug #2195 - as I see it's not rolled in (looks like a one-liner to add to FitRideFile.cpp - analogous to #1919/#1922)

    edit: and I've made commit #2196 to fix it :mrgreen: (pending merge by a more competent person than me lol)
  • john1967
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    can golden cheetah do something similar to trainer road?. If so how do i go about it. cheers
  • jgsi
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    john1967 wrote:
    can golden cheetah do something similar to trainer road?. If so how do i go about it. cheers

    It can in its Training function.
    However, it takes a fair amount of tweaking to get right ... if you want the simplicity of setup as in Trainer Road .. user beware... dont moan about it.
    How do you do it..? check out YouTube etc etc ... when things are based on OpenSource you are basically having to rely on your own initiative.

    Golden Cheetah is a fully featured freeware analysis tool .. that I have been using since 2011 and I am barely scratching the surface with what it can do.
  • liversedge
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    There is a tutorial for using train view.


    Obsessed is just a word elephants use to describe the dedicated.