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Gran Fondo Training Plan

rob39rob39 Posts: 479
Entered the Tour of Ayrshire Gran Fondo next April in the conservative 14-16 mph class.
Fitness is average, will be able to do 1 long ride per week plus another short hilly ride, plus have turbo trainer.
My aim is lose weight (5'10" 95kg) increase average speed.(14 mph at present) improve climbing, complete course with an average 15-16 mph but better if possible and feel comfortable doing it. So far rode 1300 miles since the end of May. Rode 100 mile charity ride in August and a recent 52 mile sportive.
So I need a training plan. Would 2x20's fit into this though I don't have roads flat enough to do 20 mins flat out on the flat but have plenty, plenty and even more hills
Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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