Trixter Exercise X-1000 Indoor Cycling Bike - Any knowledge /experience

bhill22 Posts: 75
Re subject title, has anyone come across this type of exercise bike any good or just a gimmick?
Are there better options for an exercise bike over winter?


  • AK_jnr
    AK_jnr Posts: 717
    Unless you have your heart set on it, I wouldnt bother. Over £1200 new and doesnt even have a power meter.
    Some people spend a grand on a Neo or Kickr but if you dont have a PM I would always go with a PM for the bike and a lesser turbo.
  • imposter2.0
    imposter2.0 Posts: 12,028
    Just a gym bike, but with some bizarre 'moving handlebars'. Depending on what it is you actually want to achieve, I would spend your money elsewhere.
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    Its £200 on ebay and not far from me
  • fat daddy
    fat daddy Posts: 2,605
    well it seems to have lots of different attachments that you can hang clothes from, looks like it would make an excellent clothes hangar for the spare bedroom ... although the lack of horizontal cross bar means you cant drape your trousers over it easily.

    Personally I would spend the money on a turbo trainer, that way if you don't use it it folds up and you can put it away
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  • fenix
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    For £200 - hmmm maybe. Bars are a gimmick and something to go wrong. But a turbo would be better.

    That bike will take up a lot of space in the garage.