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What 29" hardtail frame?????

Will_PalfreyWill_Palfrey Posts: 15
edited November 2016 in MTB buying advice
Hi, i am a 16 year old student i.e. not much money :(

For the last couple of years i have loved riding my 29" hardtail carrera sulcata, however i have decided that after pretty much all the upgrades my budget has allowed the frame is next. I am keen to keep my 29" wheel-set and 100mm rockshox xc32 front forks.
Within about a 400 pound budget could you all please advise me as to what frame would be a good choice.
INFO: i have currently found the on one parkwood and Macaskill (which is slightly above budget) and the orange clockwork 100. As Christmas is coming up i would also like to get a headset, new cranks and a bb as my presents. Does anyone have any they would recommend for a tight student budget.

Thank you very much in advance and if we can try not to convert this chat into another topic that would be great.



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