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E-bike motor/battery fit to standard MTB??

nasha48nasha48 Posts: 231
edited October 2016 in MTB general
Hey all. So my brother has an e-bike (mountain bike style, but nothing you'd be that comfortable taking to the trails) and he just uses it to commute every day. In short, the battery + motor have performed well over the few years of use but the rest of the bike has been pretty shite (many buckled rims, brakes seizing and a truly horrendous debacle involving the bb). Despite me telling him he's probably better off buying a decent commuter bike (without a motor) he tells me he's intending on buying another mtb bike and retro-fitting the motor + battery to it. The motor is sat in the rear hub aiding power there as opposed to through the crank arms. I told him this was a ridiculous idea and that it would prove virtually impossible to do without investing a huge amount of research time and, probably, cost, let alone even finding a frame/spec to match.

Am I right here or does this have potential? Happy to admit defeat!


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