After Over 25 Years....

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After over 25 years of cycling to work I am hanging up my shorts.

Change in circumstances (divorce) means I am now renting about 25 miles away from work.

I will endeavour to make the odd trip by bike, but practicality means I am unable to cycle all the time (seeing the kids etc).

I shall miss it, but I won't miss the increased traffic and the people trying to kill me.
It's a mixed bag of emotions I can tell you. :cry: :?


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    ah that sucks ... 25 years though is a good innings, that a fair amount of watts generated.

    Funny thing wives ..... they get in your way of cycling when you are with them ..... then you get divorced, and somehow they still manage to get in the way of your cycling !
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    :( .
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    sad to hear that fella but dont write it off yet, life is a funny old thing with surprises around every corner, you just never know what could be next.
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  • I'm pretty sure that 25 year old shorts are grounds for divorce.

    Hope things work out well for you.
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    Sorry to hear that on both fronts.
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    Really sorry to hear that. Keep up the riding for fun, it'll help keep your mind clear.
  • Thanks for the comments guys!

    I'll keep riding for fun, in fact I'm moving to the coast so it'll be a whole new world to explore and the paths along the seafront are traffic free.

    It might even turn out for the better!

    (Oh and don't worry about the divorce, it's completely amicable and we are both better off so it's not at all bad!)
  • navt
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    Sorry 'bout the divorce.

    25 miles? Buy a motorbike. I did. Just as much fun. You can go faster and further. It's just another indulgence. As I tell my OH, at least it's not a bloody Porsche!
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    navt wrote:
    As I tell my OH
    Too soon...
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    coriordan wrote:
    Really sorry to hear that. Keep up the riding for fun, it'll help keep your mind clear.


    Hope it works out ok.
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