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Cantis driving me mad

dav_safcdav_safc Posts: 59
edited September 2016 in Workshop
All, I have just bought 2 pr of Swisstop Vikings for my Long Haul Trucker
First pair went on easy 10 days ago.
Today I have wasted 3 (lost to actual cycling) hours trying to align the front brake. Squeals like a banshee.
Here is what I know:

a) pads hit the rim flush
b) toe in sorted, I found a tip using a 1p coin to get this right
c)rims cleaned with Muc-off and water
d) The old pads were Jagwire and did not seem that badly worn, they squealed badly at the end of a recent 4 day tour
e) pretty well centred; neither of the Tektro branded arms seem to be doing too much in comparison to the other

Any tips to save me from embarrassing trip to LBS next weekend? Please!
You might have guessed the Swisstop pads did not come from LBS

Thanks, David


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