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Sheared cable mount just in front of rear derailier

georgefwmurraygeorgefwmurray Posts: 2
edited September 2016 in Workshop
Hi Everyone,

HAs any one ever come across sheared bolts on the cable mount for the rear derailier before?
Its on an ultegra 10 speed 2009 focus cayo. Id like to say its because i was putting so much power through but in reality i changed gear on my drive way pushed my pedal and it mount flew off my bike and landed 10 feet away.
Ultimately now the rear derailier is out of use and I didnt get to go for a ride!

The bike shop is closed and having looked at it myself, the bolts have sheared completely leaving the bottom half still attached to the frame.
Anyone know if its possible to remove these to reattach the mount?

Thank you!

Lucky I have just bought a new bike :)
Maybe this one is telling me something :(


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