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9 speed cassette options?

avalanche_expertavalanche_expert Posts: 177
edited September 2016 in Commuting general
Hi guys, I've recently bought a Boardman Hybrid for commuting to work with when the off road routes are too boggy for using my MTB before a day at work. Arriving covered in mud isn't really the way to go!

I'm really happy with the Boardman it seems to be a nice compromise as a road bike yet still manage with short dirt/light gravel paths ok. Plus I like the flat bars, hydraulic discs etc... I've got full mud guards fitted as well, so it's ideal.

However I'm not very happy with the gearing. It has a compact 50/34 Chain set upfront, with a MTB 34-11 9 speed cassette at the rear. I find it quite inefficient trying to accelerate with a consistent effort and to carry a high cruising speed on the bike as it feels like big jumps between gears when shifting at the rear. I feel as though I'm either spinning or grinding with very little in between for a comfortable cadence which still carries a bit of speed.

It currently has 34-30-26-23-20-17-15-13-11 on the rear, I'm finding the jumps between, 26-23-20-17 too excessive. I don't really need a 34t cog either as I'm not using the bike for hills. Would a 30-11 or a 27-12 be a better choice for smooth quick acceleration and cruising?

Thanks chaps.


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