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Giant Anthem X

Giantmatt75Giantmatt75 Posts: 149
edited December 2016 in Your mountain bikes
Loved being back on a bike, as much as I like the Cube hardtail I had to get back on a fully . Wanted a general xc/trail bike and saw this locally at a good price . Just transferred some kit over onto it so after a clean in the morning I will get some pics up.


  • 3598A35A-EC2D-4477-A69C-859BE85E6551_zpsbpxsrrie.jpg
    Got my silicon crank protectors today. Had a couple of marks on the crank arms so for 99p I couldn't complain . Plus adds a bit of colour.
    Finally happy on shock pressures and fit of the bike . Looking to upsize the front rotor as its only 160mm and then maybe a dropper post. Thanks for looking
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,623
    Looks good.
    That's a nice build.
    “Life has been unfaithful
    And it all promised so so much”

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  • Thanks JBA . Really pleased with it.
  • Original fork decals had a few marks on them so ordered some new ones . Also got a Race face 34t narrow wide chainring on its way for a 1 X 10 setup.
  • Disc adaptor and larger rotor ordered. The front 160mm disc just isn't cutting it
  • Nice. I think I saw this one on ebay. Nice spec and nice colour scheme!
  • Yes was on the bay a couple of weeks ago, was only a mile from my house so managed to go and view
  • 3F74AABB-B9BB-4D95-BD7C-236DF4399C93_zpsrcduvwyh.jpg
    203mm rotor ordered . Should be able to fit along with the single ring next week :)
  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 15,247
    I had one of them. Excellent bike. Really eats up the miles.
    I wouldn't fit a 203 rotor. You're really going to notice the flex in the fork with that much braking power. That Fox 32 is a bit spindly.
  • I cheers for the heads up about the rotor size . I have ordered it now so will see how it goes. Really pleased with it . A couple of my friends have trances and anthems so new they were good , I also a 2009 reign but wanted something for normal riding and this fits the bill perfect . I was looking at you anthem the other day rockmonkeysc .
  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 15,247
    It must be a few years ago I sold my Anthem. It was amazing for epic xc rides, certainly better than my Transition! I'd love to get another one as well as the Patrol.
  • Yes it was a while ago , I searched the forum for anthems and your posts came up . Think I did pretty good with this as it's hardly been used but well looked after .only changing bits due to my size and style, but already had the cockpit bits and saddle , pedals on my hardtail so just swapped over .
  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 15,247
    The best upgrade on my Anthem was the 120mm Rockshox Reba forks, they suited the bike really well.
  • I had Reba 120mm fork on my Giant Talon and they were excellent . The fox forks are good enough for me now unless a bargain comes up ;)
  • My Race face narrow wide ring turned up today . Got a hour in the garage once the kids went to bed .
    All runs well in the stand but proper test in the morning .
  • First ride to work and everything worked well . But have a free hub grumble , will check my local giant dealer about parts or possibly look for new net of wheels
  • kiniookinioo Posts: 776
    Well, what can I say....too clean.

    Get it dirty!!

    Nice ride BTW.

    I love mine!

  • Ha ha cheers mate , with work and family it's not Getting as dirty as I would like . But I do use it daily for work . Hopefully Early morning ride on Sunday .
  • 203mm rotor arrived so can finally stop properly :)
    Fitted with new adaptor , all done in less than 10 mins
    And how it looks now . Rear hub seems to be ok again so no rush to do anymore changes , just wait until X mas and get myself a dropper post
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,623
    I'll buy your 160mm rotor if you want to sell it to help your dropper post fund. :)
    “Life has been unfaithful
    And it all promised so so much”

    Giant Trance 2 27.5 2016 ¦ Bird Zero Mk1 ¦ Giant Revolt Advanced 2 2019 ¦ Giant Anthem 3 2015 ¦ Specialized Myka Comp FSR 2009
  • Sent you a pm JBA
  • Not much of a update but couple of small bits arrived this week . The green Race face chainring seems ideal size for me but the colour just doesn't look right on the bike in my eyes . Black version is now here.
    As wet wether is on its way I thought I better get fenders. Mucky nuzts front and rear .
  • Dropper post on its way . KS ETen should be here in a couple of days
  • 60EB8FFF-CBAF-4C4F-9974-8EB9649229E1_zps1yn7gauj.jpg
    KS eten dropper fitted . First dropper for me and got to say I love it . Managed to get it for £70 and only a couple of rides old .nice return speed and can stop it at any point . 100mm drop model .
  • mikeyj28mikeyj28 Posts: 991
    How are you finding the dropper post?
    Isn't the 203mm rotor overkill for the bike? I was running 185mm on my 2011 Anthem but dropped down to 160mm and found that stopped me well enough.
    Loving the colour coordination with the green. Nice bike!!
    Constantly trying to upgrade my parts.It is a long road ahead as things are so expensive for little gain. n+1 is always the principle in my mind.
  • Only fitted the dropper today but first impressions are good . Nice smooth action and feels solid . The bike came with a 160mm rotor on the front and really didn't stop well , I got the 203mm cheaper than a 185mm , plus would rather have power in reserve Being 17st 10lb
  • Got some shimano outer cable to route the dropper on original braze ons .
    Slick movement and much neater than the temp zip ties. Just need another inner cable and I can re do the rear mech in matching green
  • New wheels have been ordered . Was taking a look on superstar website at the 2016 mavic clearance rims built on to there Fuel hubs . £169 for mavic xm319 rims , Sapim db race spikes and fuel hubs . Put in the Black Friday code and got 30% off so £118.99 inc postage .
  • Great looking bike. I really need to stop coming in to this section of the site. N+1 threatens to strike again.
    On the other hand, your mention of the superstar Black Friday sale was something I didn't know about. Managed to get a set of the same wheels on Mavic 325's for a hack bike build for peanuts! I made my order 3 minutes before the offer finished! I don't know if I should feel smug about it ha.
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