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Broken free hub gears

shaneparsonsshaneparsons Posts: 8
edited August 2016 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi guys, this post is more about curiosity than anything else because I took the bike back and got it upgraded to the next model with a better freehub. But the thing I am wondering is while I was riding the old bike a few days ago I was cycling up a steady hill nothing to steep in 3-6 so top gear for a 18 speed bike, then suddenly I lost all power and the chain was making a horrible grinding sound. So I stopped to see what the problem was just thinking the chain may have fell off but all the gears on the freehub were spining freely without one another and I could move all the individual gears side to side about half an inch. I had to get picked up because the bike was unusable! What could have caused this problem so that I can prevent it happening again! The bike was only 3 days old and I didn't attempt to shift will riding on the hill.

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