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Recovery after 7-day stage race

pedalbasherpedalbasher Posts: 215
edited September 2016 in Training, fitness and health
Last week I did the Haute Route Pyrenees, 7 days of back-to-back stage racing (800km, 20,000m climbing). It was tough!

Really want to get back on the bike and make the most of my fitness gains by jumping back in to the racing scene.

Not sure how long I should be taking as recovery / easy riding after a brutal week like last week? The last stage was last Friday - since then I did nothing but eat and sleep on Sat and Sun, short spin Mon, nothing Tues, short spin this morning. Still not feeling fresh but eager to get going again.

Does anyone have any experience/thoughts on how long it would be sensible to go easy for? I am thinking of racing a crit tonight but maybe it's totally stupid and I should wait for another week to freshen up and let the fitness gains take hold?



  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,383
    Everyone is different. Try racing the crit and see what happens.
  • bbotibboti Posts: 39
    As mentioned it really depends on your body. You should experiment with different rest periods.
  • If you're fit enough to race for 7 days, then id image 3-4 days recovery will be enough for a crit race. Season's almost over now, I'd crack on
  • Easy use heart rate to discern if you ready, as previous stated see what happens.?
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