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Strava & Garmin together - double upload?

MattceeMattcee Posts: 148
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I always use the Strava app on my phone along with my Garmin 1000 and I see one set of Strava results and the other results in Garmin Express.

I just tried out Strava Premium so I can get live segments on my Garmin but in the Strava app on my phone, I now see 2 results for each ride which I assume is the Garmin and the Strava data.

How do I stop seeing 2 lots of data in Strava now? Do I still need to use Strava on my phone now I have Strava live segments on my Garmin?


  • Just stop using the Strava app.

    Use Garmin and garmin connect to upload then it auto transfers the ride across to Strava after 5 minutes.

    If you want live data then I have no idea what would be best .
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  • fat daddyfat daddy Posts: 2,605
    why are you using your phone AND the garmin ... what does one do that the authored doesnt and vice versa to make you require two computers logging your ride ?
  • dowtchadowtcha Posts: 438
    The answer is n-1 where n is the current amount of gps devices you are using to track your rides.
  • bobmcstuffbobmcstuff Posts: 10,220
    Yeah don't understand why you'd want to record on the app and the Garmin... Even without Premium it's easy to have the data go from connect to Strava.

    One of the other advantages of using a Garmin is that you don't pummel your phone battery every time you go for a ride.
  • mugensimugensi Posts: 558
    I have a mate who uses his 520 and the Strava app on his phone and so when his rides upload to strava they state 'XXXX plus one other' even though its just himself on a solo ride. I have asked him why he does it and he said he doesn't know. One thing it does do is show the anomilies between strava and garmin with regards to distance and elevation. A recent spin of his had a 0.4km deviance in distance (over 55km) but nearly 150m difference is climbing (350m showing on Strava v 500m for the Garmin)
  • as Garmin 1000 has GPS there is no need to use your phone at all. The only reason would be if battery is low on garmin and or as a back up. If you upload two activities you will double count your miles, and get false PR's. Very occassionally people with older nonGPS computers want to upload (eg Powertap Joule 2) but then upload again using GPS on the phone. I think these can be merged at
  • On my normal rides I just use my Wahoo ELEMNT and trust it to work on it's own (never let me down yet)! But for more important rides that I absolutely don't want to lose I also track them using Cyclemeter on my iPhone - that will also pick up my HRM, but after I end the ride on Cyclemeter I'll just say no when it asks to sync with Strava. It's reassuring to have that backup.
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