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PlatonicoPlatonico Posts: 2
Hi everyone!

I am new to the forum and this is my first post. I hope this is the right section to ask my question.
I (18) have bought a road bike last year and have really started training seriously this past month. My bike isn’t fancy, but I put a power meter on it. As school picks up again next week, I won’t have the time to do 2:30 hours rides every day any longer. This is why I would like to ride to school and use those km as training. My commute is a fairly hilly 30 km each way (500m total ascent), on quiet land roads. I normally beat public transport quite easily so it helps me sleep more as well :) How would you plan training according to this, when you obviously have two separate sessions a day. Go easy one way and intervals the other, or do easy days and hard days. I would like to start racing next summer and build some good fitness to be able to do that, but my main goal is to average 30kph each way. By the way, my current FTP seems to be at 295W (4.1W/kg).
My plan was something along these lines:

Mo: rest
Tu: Longer intervals (2x15, 1X30, 4X10 etc)
We: Easy Ride, maybe sprints
Th: VO2Max or hard threshold intervals (5x3, 3x5, 6x1 for example)
Fr: Tennis
Sa: Flat Endurance Ride (2-3h)
Su: Hilly Endurance Ride (2-3h), Tempo work

Is that a solid plan? Do some of you race and use your commutes as training?
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