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Garmin edge 520 calibration

longsterlongster Posts: 53
Hi I just up graded my garmin 500 to a 520. With the 500 when I turned it on it would offer a option to calibrate my stages power meter my 520 doesn't seem to do this? Is it me being a bit dull or do I need to change something in the setting. Greatful for any sensible advice.


  • paul2718paul2718 Posts: 471
    I think there's a configuration somewhere in the 520 that will turn that back on. Poke about a bit.

    I never bother. I don't think it's a necessary thing at startup.

  • jon33jon33 Posts: 256
    If you go onto the settings and then sensors, select the powermeter and then calibrate will be there; make sure you turn the crank a few times to wake it up.
  • longsterlongster Posts: 53
    Ok thanks guys
  • I generally use my phone to do it rather than my headunit, assume it does the same thing.
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