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Sweating and cramps....

The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
I'm usually in the MTB forum but I think my issue will get more help here if you're prepared to help out!

1/ I've always been a bit of a sweaty oik when exercising (if its any relevance I 'run hot' and always wear less than any of my friends when its cold weather) and this seems to have got worse since I had a bout of Pneumonia about 20 monts ago (temp peaked at 41C which is not at all nice).

2/ I'm very prone to cramps in my toes/feet, not the main part of my foot but the muscles that control the toes.

As an indication, yesterday I went for a fairly gentle ride with two colleagues, in 25km of gentle riding (circa 28C weather) (circa 1.5 hours riding so not pushing it at all) I drank about 1 litre and they drank about 250-300ml, by then I was starting to struggle with cramps (I had done a 90K at about 20kph average speed the day before and struggled so was probably more susceptable to cramps than normal.

Hydrating (using high5 at 1 tab to 750ml or Gatorade) helps but as you can see I'm drinking a fair bit (on the 90K I went through over 2.5 litres in slightly cooler temperatures).

so questions
1/ Any idea how to stop myself sweating so much
2/ What is the best to drink, isotonic at correct strength, make it stronger or weaker or just water
3/ Anything else I can do to fend off toe cramps (which I've had when using both trainers and cycling shoes).

Any help appreciated!


  • GreggerGregger Posts: 71
    Hurry up and answer his Q's folks as any ride I go out on without cramp is a victory!

    I presume mines fitness/fluids. Got foot cramp the other day when simply looking at the map
  • kajjalkajjal Posts: 3,380
    You have probably done this but go and see your doctor if not just in case. They may be able to give useful advice as well.

    I also don't feel the cold and drink a lot more than others exercising. I never get cramps but will drink far more than anyone else. I tend to eat no closer than a hour before riding and drink a large glass of water before I get going which helps a lot.
  • GromsonGromson Posts: 100
    There's a slight chance you may be drinking too MUCH fluid, particularly if it's dilute (eg water).

    Check your urine colour. Kidneys are brilliant. They retain or dump water depending on minute to minute requirements.
    If you're running "dry" ie your net fluid losses exceed your intake, kidneys go into water retention mode and hang onto as much water as possible whilst still dumping the solute. Consequently urine is going to be concentrated (very orange).

    If you're overhydrated, kidneys respond by trying to hang onto electrolytes in preference to water, meaning that urine is exceptionally dilute (clear almost not yellow). If you're overhydrating, you're diluting your sodium levels and sodium is vital in muscle and nerve membrane electro-stability.

    Whilst cramps may well be caused by electrolye imbalance, in reality the kidneys do a great job. So there's also the possibility of under-fuelling, under-conditioning and over-exertion.

    This next bit is entirey conjectural on my part but has stood up to intermittent observation over time: In my club none of the regulars ever gets cramps on long rides (and we're talking 100 - 200 miler rides). Occasionally some of us have a brief crampy bit on a very steep climb when we're pedalling triangles out of the saddle. When we're not out on big rides, we're still out and about nearly every day on shorter rides or mooch-rides. Conditioning. We're all around the 50 year old grumpy old censored mark and automatically disbelieve in everything. Including rest. The people in the club that frequently get cramps do SEEM to be the ones we tend not to see for weeks at a time then reappear and try to do something heroic. As I say, conjectural. But then I take a bacon sandwich with me, not a gel.
  • VamPVamP Posts: 674
    Recent research is prompting rethink on causes of cramps ... cle-cramps

    eat a curry :)
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    I'm in India once a month for a week eating curries isn't something I'm short on! The problem is that it's also where I do my long rides hence the temperatures.

    When I did a 200k ride last year I went through over 5l of water (overnight ride and cooler) and didn't wee once, once the cramps start if I drink like mad they go off after about 10 minutes so I don't think I'm over drinking, I will see a doctor but hoping to do another 200k this weekend but trying to manage circa 8l in that distance could be an issue as it means I'll start off carrying about 4l and have to top up while riding.

    My last planned 200k I had to drop out of as temperatures hit 35c and was going through a litre every 10k and couldn't count on getting enough water in open country so had to stop.
  • webboowebboo Posts: 3,846
    Push harder for longer than you normally do and there is a fair chance you will get cramp. That's probably why you see riders with it at the end of a race.
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