Weak legs after hard training

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Hello everybody,
I'm starting this thread to see if I can get some advice. I have a doctor's appointment next Friday, but just thought I would hear from some of the cycling gurus on the internet. The issue is my legs have been feeling really weak and sore over the past 2 weeks.
I'm a 33 years-old, male cyclist. My current FTP is 330W, I'm a climber (or trying to be), weight 71kg, height 174cm.
My normal winter training week usually includes one day of commute work (40 min tempo ride in the morning, Full on Sprints out of traffic-lights in the afternoon, usually around 12 sprints), a day with a one hour endurance ride, a day of Zwift Racing, a day for a recovery ride, a day with no cycling, and on weekends a +4h ride with different exercises in between, with lots of climbing.
Three weeks ago, I went through a particularly hard week of training (for me), with hard intervals, a PR filled zwift race, a Saturday with 1200 m of climbing, and capped with a 2-hour Sunday ride with 1500m of climbing, where I did 3 Climb reps over a Cat 2 climb (6.1km 7%), all 3 climbs at threshold intensity. The following Monday, I felt tired, a little more than usual, but nothing to worry about at the time.
The following Tuesday I did my usual commute, intervals included. On Wednesday I rested, and on Thursday I felt pretty tired, jumped on the turbo in the morning, but didn't have the legs to race in the afternoon. Friday I did an endurance hour on the trainer, Saturday watched stage 20 of the Tour (no bike) and Sunday did a mid intensity coffee ride.
The following week my legs felt shot, I had a really annoying pain (low intensity) behind my right knee, felt a weird pressure on both knees, my upper right glute would get a pain that would come and go, and overall, both legs felt pretty tired after very low intensity pedaling. After a mid intensity commute day, I decided to take it easy for the rest of the week, only on Saturday I did a 1.5h super easy ride with the gf.
The only persistent symptom is the very mild discomfort on my right knee (front and back, not bone, feels like a tendon issue), but as soon as I do any pedaling, or run up stairs, or anything above walking pace, both legs feel weak from top to bottom, quads feel tired, glutes feel tired. Sometimes on one leg, sometimes on both.
What could be causing this? Could it be an infection? I have a very healthy diet, I sleep well every night, I stretch after every session (even now I've no problems sleeping or getting out of bed). This was very sudden, and I'm getting kinda worried, because race season starts on September, but with my legs right now, I can't do much.
Thank you if you read everything, and sorry about the long rant.