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Another tubeless thread - sorry!

dirkpitt74dirkpitt74 Posts: 518
edited July 2016 in MTB workshop & tech
I've tried to set my new wheels up tubeless but not had much luck.

Wheels are Superstar AM Carbon rims.
I go the extra long valves to account for the rim depth - no problem.
I also got he 29mm wide tape that they recommended.

Now the tape is an absolute sod to get right into the bottom of the rim - tape doesn't seem to have any give/flex/stretch in it.

I got one taped up OK eventually and got eh valve in OK.

Tried to seat the tyre - On-One Chunky Monkey - and with the track pump there was one section by the valve that wouldn't pop to complete the seal.

I tried seating the tyre with a tube and it worked OK but took quite a bit of pressure. I thought while I was at it I'd have a go at re-taping the rim. When I tried to take the previous tape I'd put on it was all split and came off in several sections. Guessing that the tap isn't much good??

Would I be better off using a narrower tape as I think the reason the tyre wouldn't seat properly was due to it catching on the tape. Surely the tape only needs to be wide enough to cover the spoke holes and provide a seal either side of them?

I'll also probably need to make a coke-bottle inflator too to store some pressure up.


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