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Help cancelling 2016 Yeti SB5.5 vs Trek Remedy 9.8 or both

mtnbikerva1mtnbikerva1 Posts: 18
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26" Ellsworth Truth to? Yeti SB5.5c, Trek 2016 Remedy 9.8 29r, Ellsworth Epiphany or?
I am a old cross country racer that now rides a KTM 300XC Moto and WOW is it fun! 6' 3/4" tall 172 pounds.

I want to start MTB again, mostly Northern Virginia. Also West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee if and when I have time. I also enjoy pedaling up the mountains down the mountains, true singletrack switchbacks and all surfaces/terrain.

29rs feel better to me. I ordered a 2016 Trek Remedy 9.8 29r and a Yeti SB5.5c, I need to pick something not 2 bikes. One guy at Competitive cyclists sold me the Yeti another guy there tells me I should buy the Ellsworth Epiphany. I have never done jumps and drops before on a bicycle but have tried some on demo bikes. It is something I find challenging and new. But exercise and climbing is also important for me also I think. I do road bicycle also so there is that.

I do not have time to drive hours away to downhill resorts because my time is going more and more to repaying my parents for changing my diapers and raising me. No the circle is coming to me changing their diapers/taking care of them.

I demoed the 27.5 and plus models bikes and initially I like 29r bikes. A lot of the bikes seem to be pedal and crank arm smashers. I think it is due to bottom brackets. Long low and slack geometry seems to have gone too far on a lot of the bikes. I find they seem to be non-peddling bikes.
Demos I have ridden: 2017 ibis HD3, ibis mojo3, ibis Ripley LS, 2017 trek 9.8 fuel Ex in the 27 5+ version-big peddle smasher! specialized camber sworks-did not like that, specialized stumpjumper didn't like that, 2015 Trek 8 fuel EX, and 15 Remedy 8. They were all supposedly set up for me and my weight, but had too many pedal strikes. I looked at the crank arms of a number of the bikes I test rode they all had very scarred up crank arm ends due to smashing into the rocks and things as far as I could deduce. I think maybe a BB height of 13.5 or 13.25 inches may be a need for me to be able to have the ability to pedal the bike's uphill without smashing my pedals and crank arms into every little thing. Even on flat surfaces I seem to smash pedals/crank arms into everything with these new bikes.
I also like the idea of:
threaded BB
The Epiphany has BB 13.75 inches high, boost and threaded BB. I also assume it is much lower weight vs most others.

I am wondering if the Ellsworth Epiphany is the best answer or not? Is it dated and to twitchy a design as a all-around bike? That is not even taking into consideration build quality and customer service. i have read or heard a lot of bad things about Ellsworth and Yeti in the last so many years.

I try to support a good local bike shop or dealer when possible. I tried to buy the 2017 29r Fuel Ex and 2016 29 9.8 Remedy from The Bike Lane here in Northern Northern Virginia but for some reason he didn't want to sell it to me and my friend who wants to buy a 29r also. I know this sounds crazy! 2 high end $$$$ bikes and the owner does not want to sell them. I guess the bike biz is a lot more profitable than we thought. This is why I bought the Remedy 9.8 from the Trek superstore in California and the Yeti SB5.5c from C.C. Again I need to cancel one or both of my purchases.
I am tired of spending days and weeks trying to figure it all out!! I am getting burned out!!
Thank you for reading my rant.
Thank you for any constructive wisdom you may offer.


  • rockmonkeyscrockmonkeysc Posts: 14,774
    Modern bikes have lower bottom brackets for better stability and better cornering. You quickly learn to change your riding style.
    This is a UK forum, Ellsworth aren't sold here anymore since the importer dropped them because the frames last about five minutes before they crack.
    If you're not in to fairly aggressive, gravity based riding I think you've chosen the wrong bikes and something like a Trek Fuel EX or Santa Cruz Tallboy might be better.
  • This is a UK forum, Ellsworth aren't sold here anymore since the importer dropped them because the frames last about five minutes before they crack.
    Whilst I've seen a couple of Ellsworths with damage to the frame where the shock joins the frame at the 2007 frame is still going strong, and although I'm not a downhiller I've managed to banana a Stans flux rim on the rear. and all my rear rims have serious (so I can't get them to hold air tubeless.. :( ) dents..
    Most of the time I ride either a fatty or old skool steel hardtail.. my wife usually rides the Ellsworth and we all refer to it as 'the armchair'.. it is just so comfy...
    I'd suggest a Marin, mainly because they're fairly bombproof, but the after sales is spectacular...
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  • rockmonkeyscrockmonkeysc Posts: 14,774
    Marin, bombproof?????????

    That's funny.
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