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Heart rate monitor compatibility

chrisparks81chrisparks81 Posts: 3
This is driving me crazy! Please can someone advise?

I have a Suunto Ambit3 with associated HR strap that is Bluetooth compatible and I also have a Garmin Edge 510 with an ANT+ compatible HR strap. That means neither HR device likes to talk to the competitors product. I am looking for a strap that supports ANT+ and Bluetooth, but more importantly will communicate with both my Ambit3 and the Edge 510.

Is there such a thing on the market?



  • NeXXusNeXXus Posts: 854
    Wahoo Tickr
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  • kingstongrahamkingstongraham Posts: 13,816
    Scosche Rhythm Plus (arm strap) does both.
  • Thanks a lot for the feedback. I like the idea of doing away with the chest band and underwater connectivity when close to my watch, so have ordered the Scosche Rhythm+! Let's see how it goes! Thanks again,
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