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Beginner/Over weight riders, hand numbness.

Eddy32Eddy32 Posts: 18
So I bought a mountain bike 44days ago(I know this is the road bike section, but only ride road/hard packed dirt roads atm).

I've lost 27lb's since then riding/diet, I currently weigh 276lb's. And get/lose new pains every week or so.

Flat out when I 1st started I was lucky to get .5-1 miles without my knees giving out. Later on, around the 2 mile mark I had bad saddle soreness(replaced seat). Onto the 2-4 mile range My thighs would be on fire and cause me to call it. Onto the 4~5 miles range 2x a day. I'm suffering badly from lower palm/pinky/ring finer numbness, and some saddle pain(my hands go numb long before my butt pain).

I like to think I have my bike fitted pretty well, not been to a lbs but lots of tutorials / youtube.

1:Is hand numbness common for over weight riders? My bike dose seem to put some of my weight on the front.

2: How hard to push? I seem ok breathing/leg wise. But my hands go numb @4miles, then about every 2 miles after resting for 5-10min's to get hand sensation back, I push on.

I been setting my rides to 4.6 miles and riding 2x every other day. Today I did 8.1miles, followed by 4.6miles after around a 2hr break. My last ride was about 6hr's ago and still have some numbness in my hands/pinkys.

3: Any tips, is this common for over weight riders?


  • geodegeode Posts: 25
    I used to weigh 245lb and suffered with hand numbness. I bought these they stopped the numbness instantly. Having a second hand position is also a massive help.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,866
    Some of the biggest problems with numb hands is holding on to tightly, this happens on both road and MTB bikes. Another issue is the angle of the brake and gear levers some riders dont alter the position of them when they buy a bone and this is wrong. Ideally when sat on the bike comfortably the backs of your hands should be in line with your arms and not kinked back, also your arms shouldn't be locked out at the elbow as either as this won't low your arms to work as a shock absorber. Congratulations on actually getting of your butt and sorting yourself out and continuing even though it's hard work. You must make sure you rest properly otherwise you will overdo it and end up injured. Padded shorts should help the butt ache, your butt muscles will get used to it eventually. Make sure your saddle is at the right height as to low will put alot of weight on the knees / thighs causing issues there as well. Make sure you drink enough water as well. Good luck and keep it up.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • Eddy32Eddy32 Posts: 18
    Putting my seat back/moving from grips to hands near steam has been help on my right hand, my left ring/pinky finger has been numb since I posted this.

    Looking around on proper wrist position I been making myself use proper position/rotating hands near bar steam/grips.
    As it's been helping like I said still numbness in my left ring/pinky finger.

    Anyone else have this sensation/ ergon grips worked for them?
    Looking at "GS1 pro 34$" / "GP1 25$", but seems like I'm better off going with the "GS3 40$"?

    Just money is tight and GS3's are almost 1/3 of the price of my bike. I have to, well need to do bottom bracket can hear it clunking(with ear buds in) and figured I might as well do crank set while I'm at it.

    Parts wise looking around 150$
    Ergon GS3 40$
    park tool crank puller 14$
    Park tool BBT-22 Shimano bracket tool 18(have to have for un55 install?)
    Simano UN55 BB 22$
    Shimano Altus M311 22x32x42t Crank 24$

    Gavin Gel seat 11$ (hit or miss)
    AiraceUSA Mini pump 13$ (Since the 1st mini pump I bought sucks)

    Total: 141.26$

    Another question is if anyway can chime in. I haven't personally measured the Bottom bracket, but read "it's 120mm" since it gose from 118(was gonna buy) to 122.5. IS ther/can I buy spacers to make the 118 more frame to crank position more friendly?
  • fatdazfatdaz Posts: 348
    I wouldn't bother with the gel seat cover I'm happy to stand corrected by others on here but personally I don't know anyone who's not ended up binning them after a few rides. As others have said padded shorts are a better bet and if you have padded shorts and are properly fitting bike your butt will eventually get used to it. It's never comfortable but your body gets used to the discomfort such that you rarely notice it. If you're not on a properly fitted bike the gel cover isn't going to help at all.
  • TonyJamsTonyJams Posts: 214
    The Ergons are a great idea, or get regular bar ends fitted if you want even more options for changing your position, especially for on the road or climbing
  • You are describing ulnar nerve compression. The ulnar nerve usually supplies sensation to the little and ring finger and part of the palm. The most common site of compression is usually on the inside of the elbow, but if you are only getting symptoms when riding, in your case you may be leaning too hard on your palms and compressing the nerve at your wrist. Try getting some decent cycling gloves with padding in the palm. If you have on-going problems go and have a chat with your GP
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