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right knee pain

actusreusactusreus Posts: 51
Hello all,

I recently got into cycling, and have been experiencing an off-and-on pain in the right knee. It usually starts after 10 miles or so, especially when I pick up speed and use higher gears. It's not very bad, but enough to cause concern for me. When I first started experiencing the pain, I adjusted my Shimano SPD cleats to give me a more natural position on the pedals, which for me is having my toes out more as I tend to laterally rotate my legs when I walk. It seemed to help at first, but the pain came back after a while. The pain was located right over the upper Patella and partially in that dip between the lower Quads and upper part of the Patella. I couldn't tell if the pain was caused by the Quad tendon and more superficial, or deeper and caused by the movement of the Patella over the lower femur, but I'm inclined to say it felt more "bony" than soft tissue related, if that makes sense.

A few days ago I switched my SPD pedals to the Ultegra SPD-SL pedals, and adjusted the cleats slightly again as I felt pigeon-toed when they were in the neutral position. I took a 25-mile ride today, and the pain was there again, but this time located more the left/inside of the Patella. Again, very difficult to determine if it's caused by the Quad tendon, or the Patella moving unnaturally, or perhaps a ligament being strained.

The pain goes away immediately after I get off the bike, so it's not a big problem, yet. Clearly, there is some sort of a bio-mechanical issue, and should be addressed. I had the bike fitted so I believe my saddle height and handlebars position are optimized. Is it just an adjustment period since I've only been cycling for a few months? I usually ride three times a week for anywhere between 20 and 50 miles, but most rides are under 30 miles. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,213
    fwiw i had recurring knee issues, it was only when i saw a physio who also did bikefit that the problem was identified and resolved, in my case this involved shim, wedges and footbeds with high arch support, i don't think i'd ever have figured it out for myself

    this may help narrow things down...

    if you want to try seeing a physio/similar, the one i saw was here...

    or post your area and maybe someone can suggest nearer alternatives
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  • actusreusactusreus Posts: 51
    Thank you, sungod. The linked article was very informative and helpful.
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