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Rear Derailleur Cable Tension

hvm5hvm5 Posts: 13
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Having trouble indexing my gears. Everything was working perfect until I removed the rear wheel to repair a puncture. Since I put the wheel back on, certain gears would slip.

I have an 11-32, 11 speed cassette. The problem started when in the 28t, every few revolutions it kept catching on the 32t. I loosened the cable tension which solved this but created another problem in the high gears. When in the 11t, it won't shift down to the 12t smoothly. I fix this by adding tension, but again that recreates the intial problem when in the 28t. This is only adjusting the tension by 1 notch on the barrel adjuster as well. I've played around with the limit screws but cannot resolve it.

Checked derailer, it's straight as.


  • jermasjermas Posts: 484
    Make sure the wheel is sitting correctly. If it is, it sounds like the cables are dragging. Clean then lube cable (I find silicone oil works best). You could also just replace the outer cable that runs to the derailleur.
  • If it worked pre puncture check wheel is seayed correctly in dropout and skewer is correctly tensioned.
  • chrisaonabikechrisaonabike Posts: 1,914
    Cable fraying at the shifter?
    Is the gorilla tired yet?
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