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Rez 27.5Rez 27.5 Posts: 21
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What's the general consensus with a quick clean down after being out? And I mean quick, like rag, lub, store.

Forgive the amateur question of course, but I've been thinking about it and so put it out there.

What do you lot do after every ride? If you do anything.


  • Rookie1986Rookie1986 Posts: 153
    If I'm looking to just do a quick clean down I usually just do the main areas (cassette, chain, etc etc) not forgetting things like the pivot points for rear shock
  • Angus YoungAngus Young Posts: 3,063
    I find washing the bike quite satisfying so I have no problem with giving it a good going over after each ride. Plus it cost a lot of money so it's worth doing.
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  • nasha48nasha48 Posts: 231
    I simply look at the bike when you're back home and if it's just dry dirt it tends to go straight back in the garage after a quick chain rag. If it's got wet mud on linkages + drivetrain then it's a hose off job as a minimum.

    Rule of thumb for me is don't let any dirt, wet or dry, build up on the bike for too long.
  • oodboooodboo Posts: 2,171
    I usually just put my bike away. If it's been wet I'll put some oil on the chain to stop it rusting. If it's particularly bad then a quick hose down, dry it off and oil the important bits. I don't have time to give it a full clean down after every ride so that only happens once every 3-6 months.
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  • Rez 27.5Rez 27.5 Posts: 21
    Super. Generally a common sense approach it would seem from the replies. Wipe down, lub, stick it in the back.

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