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Looking at converting a 2004 Hardrock pro sport disc in to a commuter?

pinchezpinchez Posts: 76
edited September 2016 in The workshop
My commute is a 14 mile round trip with a mixture of road and paths, I don't want to use my nice bikes so I thought I'd convert my old Hardrock.

I'm looking at putting some Swalbe 1.5" city jets on, charge spoon Saddle, perhaps new post and bars because they've gone a strange colour with age!!!

The big change will be changing to Mosso Rigid Forks which I'm struggling to get my head round. On my Hardrock the Axel to Crown measures 500mm and steerer tube is 210mm, the Mosso forks are Axel to Crown 430mm and steerer tube is 260mm

I presume I can cut the steerer tube to size but what about the 70mm difference in Axel to Crown? Wouldn't this make the front of the bike too low? I'm lost on this and could do with some advice please guys


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