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Non squeaky seat - charge spoon?

jjshjjsh Posts: 142
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Went out for a good long ride today on the Voodoo Limba that I built, and I'm nearly happy with the set up, just a couple of things to tweak. The only thing that is getting really annoying is the huge amount of creaking noises generated by the seat. To be fair, it's one I pinched from my winter bike so it has to go back on there eventually, but I don't want to end up with another squeaky one. I was thinking of a charge spoon as I think it will suit my censored , so can anyone vouch for its un-squeekyness?


  • t4tomot4tomo Posts: 2,643
    I have 2, neither squeak. Mind neither did the SM Ponza I had either.
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  • jjshjjsh Posts: 142
    Cheers for the reply. Mmm, well my Ponza squeaks and creeks over rough terrain quite badly. I've got another saddle that I find uncomfortable, but didn't make any undue noise on my old tricross, so I might swap that out just to confirm its the saddle ~ but I suppose its a mute point as I need to return the Ponza to its original location eventually anyway.
  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    My Charge Spoon is quite new and doesn't squeak. In fairness, most saddles I've had in the past haven't squeaked either.
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  • iron-cloveriron-clover Posts: 737
    I've had a Charge Spoon for about 5 years now- been swapped from the road bike to the 'cross bike about 2 months ago, with no squeaking to report yet!

    If your budget can stretch to it I'd have a look at the fabric scoop saddles- their radius elite is the same shape as the Charge Spoon (fabric is Charge's upmarket saddle spin out brand) but they have so much more give which really makes a difference on grotty roads.

    However, because of the higher amount of flex I don't know if that could encourage squeaks in a couple of years time.
  • jjshjjsh Posts: 142
    Well, this is embarrassing. :oops:

    I've re-torqued just about every bolt on the bike (its a fairly new build and tend to do this as a matter of routine after a a hundred miles or so), the the squeak has stopped. Both the seat post clamp and the saddle retaining clamp bolt needed a fair amount of tightening to bring them to the correct torque, so I suspect that was the cause. Interestingly, I can make the saddle squeak still by pressing the sides with my hands, but not riding, so happy days. That's basic bike maintenance 101 stuff really, bit embarrassed I missed that. Ahem.

    Anyhows, need to order a Spoon anyway as this saddle will have to go back on the winter bike before the onset of bad weather, i.e. in about two weeks. :D
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