Marin East Peak (year 2000) rear disc mount adapter

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Can anyone help? I need a rear disc caliper mount adapter for a Marin East Peak, 2000 model. It's the part shown in the photo (link below) and adapts the Marin frame hole spacings to standard IS. I can't get this part from anywhere and have tried Marin directly as well.

Does anyone either know where I can get on of these OR have the dimensioned drawings so that I can get one machined?

All help appreciated.


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    Looks like it's been a problem for a while.

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    I'm not hopeful that I'll get the part but if I could get the drawings I could get one made.
  • i have made a couple rear disc mounts from 3k 5mm carbon to fit my Marin east peak year 2000 ish so i can run disc brake- see pictures

    you can't seem to buy this mount which is why i made my own

    its hand made using Dremel so a little rough around the edges, not cnc machine quality but it fits perfect

    my set up on bike as i made this mount is as follows

    shimano xt m785 disc calliper with shimano xt 180mm rear disc rotor and 180mm shimano is to post mount

    if you run a smaller rotor like 160mm then obviously you will use 160mm is to post mount

    if you are running different brand of brakes like HOPE i do not know if this will fit, but i would say only shimano to be safe

    frame bolt holes centre to centre - 36mm

    i am selling one spare one if anybody needs one, its here on ebay