Avid Elixir - new hoses

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Hi, after a lot of messing around with road bikes and retro mtbs I have taken a step into modern MTBs. Not too modern mind you, I've picked up a 2011 Giant Anthem X2 for a song. It's been cared for but I'm treating it to a total strip and rebuild (fork and shock were done fairly recently so other than a clean they're fine).

I've changed all the bearings and just waiting on a bush tool so I can swap out the worn bush on the rear shock.

The other significant job I want to do is re-hose the brakes (Avid Elixir R) along with give them a good bleed obviously. Bleeding should be no issue once I have the correct kit which is also on its way. Hoses though puzzle me. I'll admit that a big part of wanting to change them is that the current ones are white and I don't like white cables!

I'm just puzzled as to what exactly I am going to need? The official Avid hose kit I assume has all the bits needed but is fairly pricey (£30ish and I'd assume it only has enough bits and hose for one brake). Am I likely to be able to re-use the existing fittings and can I just buy decent generic hose from somewhere, and if so what?

Any tips gratefully received.


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