Peugeot PY10FC

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I've recently inherited a Peugeot PY10FC,
Believe totally original,
Fitted with following:
Cinelli handle bars,
Black/grey Mavic wheels,
Vitus front forks,
Selle italia turbo saddle,
Campagnolo group set/gears etc,
Carbon butted tubes,

I'm not a avid or keen cyclist, so know very little,
Wish to find its true value,
Do I keep or sell??

Thank you


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    Nice frames - but there's no specific market-driven value for any of this stuff. If someone wants it, it will be worth what they want to pay. If more than one person wants it, then maybe a bit more. A lot depends on which Campag group it is fitted with and general condition. Adding a pic would be good idea.
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    I think mine is the best bike I have ever had, frame forks and headset and bars still original , lovely springy fork, room for guards and 32mm tyres. I have updated it a bit with bits from bike jumble. If yours still has dt shifters and original kit there will be people who would want it , for exampl to ride the eroica soon in bakewell. heaven knows how much they would pay , but to be fair to the quality I would say £500 ish , but old bikes do not fetch as much as they should I think.
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    You got any pictures of it?
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    Hi There,

    I have come across an older post of yours. Would you consider selling your Peugeot(if you still have it?) I am looking for smaller size 54 cm. I am a big fan of Peugeots and would be looking for a 'keeper' that I can ride frequently.

    Many thanks