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Newbie's First MTB

muttley_109muttley_109 Posts: 177
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Afternoon all,

I've wandered over here from the road bike section with an itch to go mountain biking. I've never had the urge to go mountain biking before, the closest I got was messing around on some trails on a CX bike. Great fun but as soon as it got rocky my eyes got shaken around so much I couldn't see and steep stuff in the drops is not fun or comfortable!
However I received an email about the new Alpkit/Sonder Transmitter which for some reason made me want to go offroading. ... r-gx1-1x11

Given my lack of MTB knowledge and experience I've had read through some thread here and on other forums which has now got me completely unsure what I want to buy.

Living in South Wales i'm surrounded by trail centres as well as the Brecon beacons. Now I've read that for the trail centres most people would use a short travel full suspension bike like a Giant Trance which would cost more than the alpkit/sonder for a decent spec.

Would I be better off going straight for a full suspension bike or would the alpkit transmitter be a decent option for the local trails? I don't want to go overkill for my lack of skills but at the same time I don't want to get something that I'm going to find hard going then want to upgrade.

Buying roadbikes is so much easier than this!


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