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Cheap low maintenance work horse (with hub gears)

willardxwillardx Posts: 20
edited March 2016 in Commuting general
Ive been bike commuting for 10 years now and my globe vienna 2 , after 2 transmission changes and a freshly snapped off derailleur needs replacing. My commute is only 3 miles each way , half on road, half off. I am looking to replace with a similar flat bar hybrid and am looking at a bottom end sirrus for £300 ish. I would really like to switch to hub gears for ease of maintenance but don't want to spend much more than £350. I have seen the foffa urban but there seems to be a lot of neggy reviews. Are there any half decent hub gear options ( i don't mind a 3 gear hub as am in Essex and not too many hills) at this price level. I can transfer pedals, saddle, stand, rack etc from old bike so don't need them included.


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