Uneven sit bone shape causing pressure point and sore

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For years I've had the exact same saddle sore (small pimple really-but can become quite painful), in the same place that comes on when I up my time on the bike. I've gone through probably a dozen saddles, selection of high end bib shorts and 2 bike fits. All these things have helped my general comfort apart from this one issue.

I've finally worked out what has caused the problem. But I don't know how to fix it.

If I push my fingers hard down on my sit bones so I can feel their shape. My left sit bone is smooth and how you would imagine a sit bone to look and feel. But my right sit bone is slightly misshapen and has a bony protrusion/lump near the front tip. When I'm in the cycling position this bony lump matches up with the saddle sore and is an obvious pressure point.

Anyone have any ideas how to solve this? A bit of a long shot but there must be someone else out there with the same issue?

It's most apparent when my hips are rolled forward in a more aerodynamic position as that naturally puts your weight through the front of the sit bones.

In my mind the only real solution would be to surgically remove/smooth down the bony lump on my sit bone. But this is a bit extreme.

Any ideas? Maybe some sort of saddle that doesn't use the front of your sit bone? (if such a thing exists).


  • Hello.

    From what you've described, I think I have exactly the same thing. Though as well as getting saddle sore, the actual bone lump can become quite sore too. I'm considering going to the doctors just to find out more about potential remedies but your right that bone grinding does seem very extreme.

    I've tried a few different saddles and found that this does make a bit of difference - generally the softer/more padded saddles are better for me. I guess your really need a saddle with a slight indent in where the sit bone lump would go. For now I'm going to try and adopt a more upright position as, like you've said, this reduces the pressure on the front part of the bone.
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    I had a recurring sore and copious amounts of witch hazel applied to the sore managed the problem to reduce the size and eventually the pain despite upping the miles

    i may be wrong but the majority of vets will simply say reduce your riding as it's the logical outcome, no medication or more extreme interventions such as surgery.
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    I won't say I had the exact same problem. But was getting severe ass pain. One day after a ride I noticed on my plastic saddle - that there was an identation where my bone was digging into the saddle - even though padded shorts - and the saddle wasn't a soft one !
    The big breakthrough for me was switching to a brooks leather saddle - and using chamois cream on every ride - that combo sorted me out.
    I was also about to try a reskin patch - which is like a strip of plastic you stick to your ass - (I kid ye not)

    In the interim a physio had given me a range of exercises - at the time these didn't cure it - but I kept them up. And I just the other day when i tried to find my sitbone (can't think why) no the bone appeared to be covered in a layer of muscle - where as before i just felt bone ...

    The one guy who was\is a sports injury consultant reckoned I had a quite rare condition called high hamstring tendonathapy - basically the hamstring was fraying at the insertion point - he gave me exercises for this - but google it you may find some.

    one positive to come out of it - was that I got so fed up - I brought a recumbent bike !!!! - although I never really became a 'bent' rider - those things are serious fun!

    PM me if you want ant info or details of exercises etc...
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    I had a slight left/right imbalance that became exacerbated as I got fitter. I discovered that I developed a saddle sore which was made worse because it kept tearing against the stitching on my saddle. I changed to a smooth saddle ie. one without any stitching on the upper surface and it went away. In the meantime, I used a compeed plaster which gave the sore a bit of extra cushioning and an opportunity to heal.
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    If you look in an anatomy book you will note that the parts of the pelvis that are in contact with the saddle changes with the angle of the pelvis and there are no distinct "sit bones".

    You could try changing your position and rotating your pelvis forward before considering any surgical option. It is normally more aerodynamic anyway. Clip-on aerobar extensions can help.
  • I`ve had the exact same problem , started feeling like a pimple , went to the doctor who could not see anything and suggested changing my saddle . I have a Brooks B17 and have done 8000klms on it and it is still hard , it`s a chrome molly that set me back NZ$300 so no way was I going to change it . Now I have a growth on my sit bone , (left side front) ,it feels like a ball of gristle that moves about when probed. When I 1st mount up and peddle the lump grinds sideways against the sit bone similar to pressing your thumb over your knuckle bone and moving side to side . This is a major cycling damper for me I need to get on top of , 3 years has passed so bus_ter where are you at now ?