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Which type of bike for beginner?

Venkman83Venkman83 Posts: 2
edited March 2016 in MTB beginners
Hi folks,

I haven't ridden a bicycle for years but I'm looking to get one through my works cycle to work scheme. I am looking for a it of advice as to the type of bike to buy initially. I live about 17 miles from work and would like to build up to this commute eventually, I can do the journey by road and can jump on and off canal paths on route. I would also like to use the bike for leisure and just do routes around gravel paths and trails but not major off roading.

I have been looking at hard tail 29ers and thought maybe the Trek Marlin range as a beginner purchase, or possibly looking at a cyclocross bike.

Do any of you more experienced cyclists have any tips for my first purchase in terms of type of bike and models to look at?

Any help is greatly appreciated



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