My new Colnago V1-r

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Frame:52S, UNRD
Groupset: Full Ultegra Di2 6870
Bars: 3T Ergonova Team Stealth (42cm)
Bar tape: Prologo
Stem: 3T ARX 2 Team Stealth (110mm)
Saddle: Prologo Nago Nack
Wheels: Spin DMX 440's
Tyres: Michelin Pro 4 Service Course
Pedals: Ultegra 6870


  • napoleond
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    Looks good. Apart from the bar tape.
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  • NapoleonD wrote:
    Looks good. Apart from the bar tape.

    Tape does look better in the flesh, but if I'm honest I've had a few seond thoughts myself.
  • Love it, but Nap is right about the bar tape.
  • guym
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    Luverrly looking bike but +1 on the bar tape, looks like someone has slapped a bit of spare electrical tape on :(
  • +1 - plain black bartape will do
  • Beautiful bike... offers a smooth ride too.. (agree with the rest on the bar tape)
  • Thanks for the comments all. You have all confirmed the nagging doubt I've had since it was completed....Black bar tape is on order.
  • redvision
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    That's a beauty!
  • Richard66
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  • kim10
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    Beautiful bike. My LBS has one in the window at the moment very similar to yours, looks stunning in the flesh, but the price tag is a bit too steep for me! Definitely better with the all black bar tape.

    Out of interest how are you finding the wheels, was considering buying these for a new build.
  • matt_n-2
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    New tape 8)
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  • Richard66
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    Kim10, It's a little early to give proper feedback on the wheels as this bike has only been out twice so far and only covered just over 100 miles. However, my initial impressions are very positive. Claimed weight of 1465g (clinchers) and the service from Drew was really good. I had a few phone calls with him and went to see him as he's quite local to me. I'll give you a more in depth review when I've had chance to get a few more miles in.
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