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Nearly got knocked off my bicycle - wish to purchase a camera to attach to my bicycle

MortstyMortsty Posts: 18
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Morning all,

Week ago I was riding home from work late at night and I nearly had a collision with some boy racer type who for some strange reason decided the proper lane he should be in wasn't enough and he wanted to be in my lane. As usual I had my reflective jacket on and lights. He nearly collided with me head (he was going way too fast!) if I wasn't lucky enough to do a quick right.

After this experience I am deciding to purchase a gopro or something similar to attach to either my helmet, my front handlebars or my bicycle trailer just incase I may have to use the film footage for something.

I was wondering if anyone has any advice/tips as I have no clue in this area of interest.

Thank you for your time and help,



  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,810
    I don't think a camera will stop them knocking you off why do you want one?
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  • Have you read about this case?

    Footage does not always help the victim.
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  • phillsphills Posts: 68
    The quality of most of the cameras at night really isn't great. I have a GoPro Hero Black 3+, a Hero 4 Session, a Hero 3 White and a Garmin Virb (mostly for recording rides by the river for pleasure) and none of these would be able to pick out a number plate at night. The glare from headlights/rear lights/street lamps and the reflection of the number plate itself just make it near impossible. You would be able to see the type of car and possibly the colour and the incident itself but that's about it. Not sure if the Hero Black 4 or new Garmin is any better but at £300 to 400 it's an expensive experiment. I do love cameras for pleasure though, especially summer rides in nice surroundings!
  • Personally I'd prefer a rocket launcher...
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  • The last thing you should be considering is a camera. Think whether the roads you use are safe or you could use safer routes... play defensively, rather than playing the aggressive card. Once you are under a bonnet, you are statistics... footage or not
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  • phillsphills Posts: 68
    Not all accidents are fatal so I think there is a place for sport cameras on the commute. If you are knocked off the last thing on your mind is jotting down a number plate so it could be useful as a third eye to absorb the details if the driver decides to make a run for it rather than stop. I'd like to think its unlikely but sadly happens. It can also show what was occurring before and after the accident. For a relatively small outlay and a small amount of hassle charging it every day, it's worth it for some people. Also great for strapping to your kids when out and about, or the dog... For me though it is skipping back to summer rides in the midst of winter to remind me of those good times.
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