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Garmin speed/cadence sensor or other?

MissBialettiMissBialetti Posts: 2
Sorry for what might seem a dumb question but I have read everything there is on the Zwift website about how to get going with my classic turbo trainer ( Cycleops Supermagneto pro) and an Ant+ device.
Understand I need an Ant+ speed/cadence sensor for the bike as well as an Ant+ dongle for the PC/laptop. But my question is :can I use the Garmin speed/cadence sensor independent of any Garmin device or does it need to be paired with a Garmin device either at first or all of the time to be able to use it on the turbo and interact with the Zwift software?
Or should I look elsewhere for a different Ant+ device and if so what would you recommend?


  • You do not need a Garmin head unit to pick up the ANT + from a speed/cadence unit.
  • NeXXusNeXXus Posts: 854
    Garmins are redundant in zwift bkool and the like so yes. You can use the sensor without a garmin.
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