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ANT+ Software for PWM

AuraomegaAuraomega Posts: 15
Hi all, I've just bought some Garmin Vector pedals, however I'm still using an aging Edge 705 (to be upgraded in the summer). I'd like to get some software on the PC that can show me left/right power balance for indoor sessions over the colder months but everything I've looked at so far just supports total power and doesn't display individual leg output. Does anyone know of any such software?



  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,622
    does the 705 record right/left?

    afaik golden cheetah has left/right balance since v3 in at least some charts

    from what i've read, it's unclear if there's much value in such a metric, even that different powermeters give contradictory results, it may be more marketing than practical value
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  • Thanks for the reply. I did try Golden Cheetah but didn't find the left/right balance, I'll check again as it was only a brief play.

    The Edge 705 doesn't support it; to be fair I mainly just want to check that both pedals are torqued correctly and that I'm getting fairly even splits.
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